Is ‘The Alchemist’ a reading worthy novel?

I am not really a fan of reading, but I love digging into literary world to find out some good books, which I rarely read but still need to have them in my book shelf (it makes me feel relaxed). And I don’t really criticize books, I often read them and if it feels engaging, I start loving it. But I never read them twice, it just makes me feel so…bored, no matter how interesting the material is. And I have a list of a few books that I read and loved but since we are not talking about my favorite books so I will not discuss them. Instead, I’ll be talking about a book I don’t actually admire much. So that book is, as suggested in the title, everyone’s favorite, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I know I am going to get a lot of denunciation about my assessment of Coelho’s one of best considered works. But I will write it anyway.  

So, here are my thoughts on this novel.  

First of all, the novel is named, The Alchemist, but the character itself has momentary role and was introduced when the book was almost 75% over.  

This book has been inscribed in completely easy and straightforward language, which can be a favorable point depending on the reader’s choice and it can attract more readers from non-English speakers as it would be easy for them to understand. But it can be a great novel for rookie readers who want to learn the language (English language, not the language of the world as stated in the book on several occasions). But the writing style doesn’t indicate the mastery of the author.  

The above mentioned one was not really a negative aspect. But the one attribute I genuinely don’t admire is, the book is said to be inspirational and spiritual philosophy. Now I am not much into philosophy but I honestly did not notice any philosophical characteristic except for the term “Philosopher’s Stone”.  

And inspirational? Eh! Same feeling about that. But sure, let’s say that this book was a motivating considering the plot, which let me explain, was; the main character, Santiago saw a dream about a treasure hidden in pyramids of Egypt, and he went on, all the way to Egypt, to follow his destiny. And I would agree that we all should follow our dreams. But Santiago’s dream was about a treasure and did found it at the end; INSPIRATIONAL. Isn’t it? And the treasure was, physical gold, an absolutely materialistic thing that made the character look money oriented. But where is SPIRITUALITY in all this? Materialism and spirituality are two totally opposite ends of the ocean which can never meet together. 

Where there’s materialism, there’s no space for spirituality and where there is spirituality, there’s no room for materialism.’

Digging deeper into the story, it could have been a spiritual novel if the treasure was Fatima, his one true love that he found in Egypt while he was on his mission. That would have been an altruistic story because, there is no treasure better than love and there is no form of spirituality more spiritual than love. But no! For author, the treasure had to be gold which made the plot a little more voracious.  

The book is named, The Alchemist, but the character itself has momentary role and was introduced when the book was almost 75% over. 

Enough about the plot, let’s get back to writing now. There was no comprehensive conclusion to the story. Reader has to assume by himself that he got the fortune in the end. The writing and plot were not at all appealing, it was I who was enforcing myself to read it till the end otherwise it was not at all compelling. And I was doing so just in hope to find some fascination that I had been hearing about all the time before. I had come across so many amazing reviews about the novel that I was driven towards it. Though it does have some remarkable quotes. But the chain of events and the novel overall just disappointed me.  

All in all, it is a reading worthy novel but not worth the hype it’s getting. And since there were purely my opinions, I would still recommend you to read this book and judge for yourself because it’s easy to understand like I said above regarding its inscription. If you have different thoughts, share them with me I would love to hear from you and if you agree, let me know. 



Sleeping peacefully on your bed at midnight? 

Imagine a war being started on border.  

How long would it take to reach your home? 

Imagine the fear; fear of losing your loved ones and everything you admire. 

That was the tension among citizen of India and Pakistan a few days back. 

To all the war advocates and adversaries, tell me; 

Why do we need war when we can have peace?  

Picturize the number of soldiers dying on border;  

Number of families losing their sons in uniforms. 

Visualize yourself on their position. Feel delighted? No?  

That’s them, their sentiments towards the apple of their eyes. 

So, let’s try to create and spread peace as much as we can.  

Let’s take vows to not think about hurting our or anyone else’s countrymen. 

Let’s become peace lover and ambassadors of peace.  

And let’s make enemies friends across the border.  


Influence of Social Media on Youth.

Social media is a term basically used for online networking sites that help people socialize in any way possible. There are multiple social networking websites out there, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ are just a few examples and one of the most popular and regularly used ones. In our society, in today’s world, everyone uses internet and social media, from old to young, male to female. And even infants these days are left with mobiles phones by their parents so they would let their parents do their chores. It’s like new form of babysitting. These social media websites have left a very deep impact and now we cannot even imagine our lives without it. That impact is positive but equally negative as well. But we fail to look at the negative points that we convince ourselves that they don’t exist or have least significance. But that is not entirely true. Some of these negative points are more significant than the positive ones. 

Let’s discuss them here. 

So, the basic purpose of social media as it says in the term itself is to socialize. It’s a media we use to communicate. It helps us stay in touch with our friends and family who may be present in the other corner of the earth. And lets us make new friends from the other continent at cheap rates. All it requires is a PC/Mobilphone with internet service. Then those people are just a click away. 

It is a great source of entertainment. Unlike TV, you can control what you want to watch on internet. Many people showcase their talents thru social media.  

Social media can be used for earning significant amount of money. There are several websites like LinkedIn that hire people online. And several platforms that enable employers to provide work to people that can be done from home. Blogging and vlogging have become a trend these days. And these people earn handsome amount of money from their articles and videos that they publish online. Some of these people gain so much popularity along with money. These online celebrities get hired by businesses to become their brand ambassadors. 

Organizations use social media to market their products or services and it reaches their targeted audience without much effort. All they need to do is pay money to the website. Let alone organizations, rookie entrepreneurs can also market their business online or even create an online business. If you have a page on social media, you can get sponsors. Some of these pages become so famous that filmmakers hire them as their media partners. 

Students these days think that they cannot complete their school/college/university without the help of internet. Their institutions use social media to communicate with their students. And pupils utilize internet in obtaining more knowledge about their subjects. Internet provides them information ten times more than their books. 

But all these were the positive points. And there are many more. It is time we discuss reality with the unavoidable negativity that social media brings along. 

Like I said above, it lets you communicate with people from different parts of the world. But sometimes, some of these people are not even real. They make fake accounts, put on fake bio and talk to innocent people and get their information and then use it against them. Not only this but they even bully the real people.

Our youth these days is so much addicted to social media that they make themselves up just to show it off to people in their friends’ list or followers on Instagram . They try to become what they are not. Why? Just to impress some stranger and get a few likes and comments. This is ruining us. 

The information we update and the pictures we upload on social media, can be manipulated. Most people think it’s all safe but no. IT ISN’T ALWAYS SAFE. Most people don’t even consider the option of privacy. Their lack of privacy can get them into big time trouble. We update status about every moment of our day, our whereabouts, and this information can be misused. You never know who has a stalking eye on you. A status once updated, cannot be entirely deleted. And a picture once uploaded on internet, cannot be truly deleted. 

There are no rules and regulations on social media. While surfing thru your newsfeed or searching something on some random website, you may end up seeing an unwanted video or picture or ad; it can be violent or sexual. And seeing these things frequently can cause mental breakdown.  

It can surely be used for education purpose, but it reduces task productivity. We check our Facebook/twitter/Instagram/snapchat accounts while on work and make stories even when sitting in a classroom; which is a high degree of mannerlessness.  

As for online businesses are concerned, many of them are fraud (not all, but a lot of them). You purchase something online but what you actually get delivered at home is something not even similar to that picture shown on their page/website. And this isn’t a big deal. But let me tell you what is, some online businesses steal pictures from social media, and use it for unethical purposes. 

I’m not asking you to stop using internet or social media. But we definitely should not make it our life or an important part of it. though it’s not all bad but it can change our lives (in any way; favorable or unfavorable). We should see the impact it has on us. Because life isn’t always Sunshine and Rainbows.

These were purely our personal opinions. If you agree to them, let us know. You may have your own thoughts about social media. Feel free to share them in comment box. We’d love to hear them from you.